Lumbar Massager Abdominal Back Waist Body Massage KEEPFIT

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Lumbar Massager Abdominal Back Waist Body Massage KEEPFIT


If you’re tired, use KEEPFIT.

Portable waist massager
Multi-purpose X Healthy times
Multiple massage modes
-Area Massage
-EMS electrotherapy
-Red light therapy
-5 seconds fast heat
-Strength adjustable
-Small portable

We Redefined The Waist Massager

KEEPFIT use EMS electric pulse massage technology, massager small portable fashion high value design,

so that massage also become pleasing to the eye.

Once a day , After 30 days the waist doesn’t hurt

Easy to solve daily waist problems
– office worker
– middle aged and elderly people
– manual workers

EMS electrotherapy technology

SPA-Bring an energy SPA to the waist
-30 minutes to relieve muscle soreness
-Relax your waist all day
-Three weeks effect
One-time experience of 4 professional old Chinese medicine massage techniques
Every pattern is a new experience
-Finger pressure

Deep Massage,Reactivation

Deep Release Waist Pressure

Creative Area Massage

Comfortable experience like a spring breeze
Four major electrode zones with wider coverage
Massage more points once

Dual Purpose

Abdominal problems can be easily solved
-Body shape shaping
-Menstrual pain

Small body,Big power

At home can also follow the old Chinese medicine techniques

Association of activity and inertia

Smart floating massage head
Fit waist curve

Hot Compress Makes You Feel Better

Massage head heated to ease muscle tension
Promoting blood circulation
-low temperature 36-38℃
-high temperature 38-40°℃

Multiple Choice

The effect of massage is good or bad, focusing on strength and technique
-16 levels massage strength
-4 massage techniques

Red Light Radiation Technology

The magic technique of muscle relaxation
Penetrate the surface of the muscles and soothe waist fatigue
-600-650 mm wavelength red light
-Soft light material, more uniform luminous

Easy Reception

Light and portable, save space, only about 300g

Smart Touch Control

USB Fast Charge,Long Duration

Three hours full grid power, one full maximum 3 hours (massage only)
-3 hours duration
-3 hours charging interval
-30 minutes automatic timing

Product Parameter

Product name:Smart waist massager
Product model:KPF-W09
Product size:200*116.5*71mm
Product weight:300g
Power supply mode:5V 1A
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Product timing:30min

Regular length: about 88cm
Maximum stretch length: about 128cm

How itworks?

1.Apply the gel to the skin (back waist or abdomen)
2.Press and pull open the belt, tie it around your waist or abdomen,and make sure it sticks to the skin.
3.Turn on the power button(press and hold until it lights up).
4.Turn on the power button of the
remote control(press once until
it lights up).
5.Right ‘O’or ‘M’ key to switch massage mode.
6.’+’or ‘-‘key to adjust the intensity.
7.The wave-shaped button on the left adjusts the heat.

Be sure to turn on the main body of the massager first, and then turn on the remote control.



(9 reviews)
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very beautiful

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