C-Rest Massage Neck Support Pillow Shoulder Pain Relief Massager


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C-Rest Massage Neck Support Pillow Shoulder Pain Relief Massager

Product Description:

Poor posture of the neck and good posture has been proven to boost your mood, motivation, metabolism, immune system and confidence. Traditional “neck supports” only focus on the curvature of the cervical spine. C-Rest relieves tension in neck muscles which helps stabilize your cervical spine and restore your natural curvature by addressing the root cause.

The C-Rest combats against the damaging effects of our sedentary, office-centric lifestyles and what’s become known as tech-neck (a condition developed from staring down at computer and phone screens for hours a day).

Product Feature:

C-Rest is the only affordable, portable, lightweight, non-electric neck massager on the market that is easy to use and designed by doctors and chiropractors to help relieve muscle tension caused by the shoulders and upper back. To improve the quality of your life.

C-Rest Durable:

Durable foam is designed to withstand heavy weight and long life without losing its shape as a posture device. Whether it is packed in a bag or used frequently, the fulcrum will expand back to its original shape and be ready for use.

C-Rest supports a variety of ways:

it can be used anywhere in the office, on a chair, on a bed, on a sofa or on the floor – whenever you need to relieve pain.

How to use C-Rest Neck Pillow Massager:

Simply lie on the C-Rest and move gently side to side to release tension in your neck and shoulders. C-Rest was designed by a doctor and chiropractor it’s perfectly designed to massage and put press

Use 10-20 minutes per day, precisely aim at the massage points, relax on your back, rely on the gravity of the head to play the role of natural traction stretching, and twist the neck to enjoy the effect of muscle relaxation and massage.

Moreover, C-Rest stimulates important areas of the neck and increases blood flow to the brain and muscles. Certainly, helps to relieve shoulder and eye fatigue.

Product Specifications:

Product Name: C-Rest Massage Neck Support Pillow

Color: Blue, and Pink

Material: Polyurethane 100%; High density memory foam

Size: 24cm x 21cm x 13cm

Weight: 460G

Package Included:

C-Rest Massage Neck Support Pillow x 1pc

C-Rest Massage Neck Support Pillow Shoulder Pain Relief Massager


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    Made of soft plastic.

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    The package is complete, fast and safe delivery, no damages were occured. I recommend.

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    Relax it for 15 minutes.

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    Recommend! Very quickly sent, after 11 years was already in Moscow. Very good and effective. I’m happy with the purchase.

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    pas encore testé mais je suis confiante

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    Super fast

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    The goods came in a week and a half. I have problems with the thoracic spine and neck, well, this is not the first acquisition because of my problem, I will experience.

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    Твердовато. Но может не правильно использую – на рисунках не понятно. Доставлен быстро

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    Oh ~ Shiatsu and at the same time incredibly cool cover This health tracker

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  15. Customer

    The thing is uncomfortable. You can hurt yourself by lying on this subject. The massage points of the subject do not correspond to their location on the body.

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    It is very

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    Super .., great thing-everything goes well under the spine! Thank you very much!!!

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