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Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2020

Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2020

In this Social rabbit plugin review 2020, you are going find about an excellent way to automate your Social Media Marketing. You will get a clear insight regarding this ultimate Social Media Automating Tool. How this Works and what you can achieve by using Social Rabbit Plugin for your business.

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What is Social Rabbit Plugin for WordPress?

Social Rabbit is a wordprress Plugin to auto promote your Business Website on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Aid in helping to cut short the time you spend on your social media marketing, and netting fantastic outcomes without extra effort.

Best Social Media Auto Poster Plugin:

Get the amazing results of your social media marketing activities with the Social Rabbit plugin for WordPress. This Plugin is sure to become your best bet for business website promotion. This handy plugin can fully automate your website’s social media accounts posts. Make your posts look like you’ve spent several hours on thoughtful planning and crafting of every Social Media post.

Social Rabbit Plugin is the #1 social media plugin for WordPress for Social Media automation.

Why Social Media is Important:

Before jumping to Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2020, you need to know why social Media is important in promoting any of your business:

1. Build Awareness about your Business

“If people not aware about your business, then how they can become your customers”

Social Media helps you making your business visible to your potential customers. You can reach to wide audience in less time with your consistent efforts. Moreover, it’s free to create a business profile on all the major social media platforms without paying anything

2. Encourage Customer Engagement

By posting engaging content on Social media you can trigger communication among you and your customers and see a boost in your sales. A video about the products explaining its features and benefits can reap you a greater reward.

3. Communicate Authority about your Business

Customers are becoming increasingly savvier and more discerning about what they are buying. They’ll do a quick search to browse your website and social media, before making any decision. Your business profiles that you update regularly with relevant content will build your brand awareness & business’s authority.

This will help you make a positive first impression through your social media accounts, showing that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable. By showing what your business offers and values, you will be able to establish confidence in potential customers.

4. Free Traffic Source:

The beauty of social media lies in the actual audience on these platforms within your reach. You can easily get massive free traffic to your website by integrating your website content with social media accounts.

5. Easy Support:

Social media has managed to bridge the gap between customers and businesses. People can find information about a company easily on Facebook and other social media platforms. Social media is playing a major role in opening the conversation for instant interaction, relationship building, and customer loyalty.

6. Social Media is Essential for Businesses

Social media plays a crucial part of your business marketing, but it doesn’t need to be stressful to manage. That’s you need social media automated tool like the social rabbit plugin.

Alidropship Social Rabbit Plugin Features:

  • Posts automatically on a predetermined time
  • Will prevent both time and money
  • Guarantees organic traffic and conversion increases
  • Offers you the selection of posting pictures directly from a pre-selected collection
  • Often used on the foremost popular social media networks
  • You are ready to add both descriptions, hashtags, and links
  • Runs 24 hours each day , 7 days every week
  • Offers around the clock support from a support manager
  • Offers updates for as long as you’ve got an account

Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2020:

Every business must have a social media presence online, regardless of how big or small they’re . It’s critically important for business growth. However, to realize this type of a following, tons of your time and money must be dedicated to growing a web , social media based following.
This is where Social Rabbit comes in, because it constantly increases your sales and traffic on autopilot. It covers four major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. you’ll use Social Rabbit to market your business on any or all of them.

Key Functionality of Social Rabbit:

The Social Rabbit plugin does all the work for you while you’ll focus your efforts on other important duties. It’s vital for you to understand that you simply can’t just expect customers to rush in and buy your product.
You have to market it, and albeit you’ve carefully optimized your website for SEO, it still lacks the promotional tool that the Social Rabbit plugin will offer you .

Best Social Media Auto Poster Plugin:

Based on the settings you select , Social Rabbit can automatically perform several sorts of actions in your store accounts on any (or all) of those social networks:

1. Publishing store products

Creates a post supported each product or service you sell. Social Rabbit automatically publishes a random item’s image along side its title, price, and link.

2. Create interesting posts

Employing a database of hashtags, images, and text templates that you simply previously added to the database, Social Rabbit combines these elements to make eye-catching posts with none further input from you.


If your business site contains a blog, it’ll repost your site’s blog posts onto social media for you. it’ll either pick a article randomly or chronologically.
Social Rabbit randomly picks one article out of your blog posts and places its link, title, and short extract within the relevant social media post.

4. Sharing content generated by other users

To try to to this, Social Rabbit is scanning Instagram pages that contain the keyword(s) you’ve specified and finding content published on these accounts.
Then, the Rabbit reblogs these posts within an equivalent social network. for instance , it doesn’t repost Instagram posts to your Twitter feed and the other way around .

5. Greet your new followers via welcome messages

Social Rabbit Plugin will send welcome message to your new followers instantly. Just write a template message with the link to your website and activate the choice .

6. Boost your social media accounts activity

– Plugin goes through the pages that contain the keywords associated with your store niche. The Rabbit automatically follows these pages, likes the post published there, and even comments them to draw in attention to your store social media profile.

7. Search shoutout partners

This function is merely applicable to your Instagram account. you would like to specify the keyword(s) that are associated with your store and write a template message to invite a business partnership.

Interaction with other Users:

The Rabbit uses the provided range of keywords to seek out appropriate Instagram pages, and automatically sends their owners the template message you’ve created.

Auto-Post Scheduling:

After your account is about up, you’re able to begin to publish content about your products or services. Social Rabbit Plugin also provide guidance regarding your title, pricing, URL, hashtags, and descriptive material.
You’ll want to line up your product to be repeated every few hours. Another to-do on your list must be to line up your posts to be randomized every few hours to avoid being blocked as spam.

How To Set Up Social Rabbit Plugin Properly?

Setting up Social Rabbit may be a relatively quick and straightforward process.

  1. Install and Activate the Plugin
  2. Integrate & Authorize plugin with your Social Media Account
  3. Do the scheduling setting for each Social Media account separately. You can find all the instruction under “How it Works” link
  4. Each Social Media Account has different Auto Posting Functionality

Social Rabbit Media Settings:

You can schedule auto posting for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter as follows:

Poster: This function post your store products to Facebook

Gallery: This function post your Website Gallery images, allows you to post selected images according your niche

Blog: Auto Post your Blog Posts to facebook as per the scheduled and posting settings.  

Apart from these functionalities for Facebook , Pinterest and Twitter, you can some extra features under Instagram settings:

Instagram Extra setting includes:

  1. Mutual Promotions : The unique tool, that gains lots of likes, comments and followers within a short period of time
  2. Shoutout : This tool helps you to find Instagram Influencers interested in shoutouts and ads
  3. Grabber : Repost content from other niche related Instagram accounts
  4. Stories : Post photos and GIF`s from media gallery to your Instagram Stories
  5. Promoter: This tool promotes your account by giving likes, commenting and following the most popular accounts of your niche on Instagram

Media Gallery Settings:

Now, it’s time to specify what the Rabbit are going to be writing and posting on your social media channels. you would like to start out with adding pictures to the Social Rabbit Gallery on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
It is a sort of a library or a database which the Rabbit uses to make a post. take care while adding images, as they’re going to be used eventually, and you would like every image to be attractive and top quality .

Import Free Stock Images for you gallery:

You can import free stock images from Giphy.com and Pixaby.com. to line the publishing settings, attend “Posting Settings” tab (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest).

Each of those settings instructions pages features a corresponding video tutorial included. you would like to assign its posting settings for every of the social networks.

What Settings you can do for Social Media Accounts:

1. Frequency:

Set the precise amount of your time you would like to pass before a replacement post is generated, right right down to the hour, minute, or second.

2. Randomizer

To avoid producing and inundating your followers with content that seems to be spammy, this may set a random timer for brand spanking new content to be generated at different times each day .Each day new content is posted employing a deviation function that permits you to slightly alter the posting times, so it comes off as more natural and such as you are posting, not a plugin.

3. Hashtag

On the Social Rabbit Posting Settings pages you’re ready to create a general list of hashtags that are about your business, and are important to assist direct potential customers to your store.
If your social media post contains no hashtags, it won’t get discovered by people that have an interest during this particular niche or area. Also, Social Rabbit plugin uses machine learning to seem at any product featured image and suggests the acceptable hashtags.

4. Text Templates

You’ll got to tell this tool exactly what quite information you would like it to display, because it doesn’t use AI to get content. With each picture you increase your gallery, you furthermore may got to write a brief text that matches it.
This tool will take all of what you’ve got written, within the same topic, and make randomized texts supported that.

If your information doesn’t match, it’ll come off as spam to your visitors and followers, which are some things you are doing not want to occur.
These texts are written within the Template field, and it’s not only words and emojis which will be put there.

5. Tags:

The system also makes it possible to write down so-called ‘tags’ along side the text.Tags inform the plugin of a shortcut action you would like it to require . for instance , if you write %URL% tag, then the post generated will contain the merchandise link.
If you add the costs tag post also will contain product price. you’ll see all of the available tags slightly below the template field.

Auto Following other Social Media Accounts:

Apart from this, Social Rabbit Plugin also attracts people attention to your social media account because it can automatically follow other social media pages that contain the niche keyword(s) relevant for your store.
Nearly all of those settings have a default “set recommended settings” button, otherwise you can tweak them yourselves as you become more conversant in the system. i like to recommend that you simply stick with the recommended settings until you recognize what you’re doing.

Benefits of Social Rabbit:

• Very Convenient – Social Rabbit Plugin can help you to create content and schedule it for a at a selected time on multiple social media accounts.
• Reaching more followers – This plugin allows you to schedule your post for the foremost valuable time throughout the day. it helps you post when your follower are most active and engaged; thereby leading traffic to your site.
• Regular Content delivery – It helps update your followers on a day to day . The consistency helps to create a loyal follower of your business.
Increase in Conversion up to 1000%
Full hands-off automation
Rapid indexing of your website by search engines
Free life-long support and updates
Reduce work-time by 70%
Enjoy constant traffic

Drawbacks of Social Rabbit Plugin:

• It could lead on to spammy and get your social media account banned if not properly schedule
• Social Rabbit is Limited to 4 Social media platform- Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2020 Summary:

The Social Rabbit Plugin help producing effective promotions through all of your active social media accounts. This plugin conveniently does its job by auto-promoting your wordpress website through your  favorite social networks.

If you would like a fetch a flow of stable organic traffic from social media networks, then the Social Rabbit plugin can do that magic. Just imagine how easily you can run 4 social media accounts for your business, accounts that need to be updated every day!

The Social Rabbit plugin handles all that and provides you longer to spend on other projects. Your social media following will increase significantly.

Social Rabbit plugin also works excellent in integration with AliDropship (see AliDropship review), therefore the price for one site is $69, and if you would like a license for 3 sites, you’ll got to pay $149 and for five licenses $209.

For a one-time purchase fee of $69, you’ll have a ultimate promotional tool at your fingertips.

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