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Spotting Fake Italian Handmade Handbags

By Shalini M 

Spotting Fake Italian Handmade Handbags: Handbags are part and parcel of women’s fashion today. They have become stylish accessories that reflect your personality. Italy, the fashion capital of the world, is known for its elegant, hand-crafted handbags that spell class & elegance all over. A classic Italian handmade handbag is every woman’s dream. Thanks to the effect of globalization, these bags are available across the globe and not just in Italy.

However, are you sure that the bag that stole your heart is an original Italian handmade handbag? How can you be sure that you haven’t been exploited? Fine Italian leather has some special qualities that you cannot find in any other type of leather. Watch out for these special features to know if your handbag has been made from genuine Italian leather or not.

  • Watch out for the words Vera Pelle (Italian for real leather) somewhere in the handbag. However, you should also be informed that other sub-standard manufacturers from China and other parts of the world don’t hesitate to put this logo on their handbags.
  • Smell the leather of the handbags well before you buy them. Are you getting a natural and musty smell that isn’t too pleasant? Thank heavens! Your handbag is made from genuine Italian leather. Stay away from bags that emanate a plastic or chemical-like smell. They are made from low-quality leather.
  • Observe your handbag carefully to watch out the quality of the edges. Are they rough and looking undone? You can rest assured that you have put your money in the right piece. The bags with smooth and finished edges may look more perfect than the rough-edged bags, but they are made from fake and sub-standard leather.
  • High-quality & genuine Italian leather has the power to absorb moisture in a jiffy. So, pour a small drop of water on the leather of the handbag that you propose to buy. If the water stays or spreads around the area, your handbag is made from fake leather. However, if the water gets absorbed, you are looking at a handbag made from genuine Italian leather.
  • The last but definitely not the least point look out for when spotting fake Italian leather handbags is the price. Handbags, specifically handcrafted in Italy, can cost you a bomb. However, they justify the huge price because they last for many years and add oodles of confidence to your personality. Handbags made by local manufacturers using fake and below-par leather are quite affordable.


If you are reading this article, it only means that you know that Italian handmade handbags are quite exorbitantly priced. Go for it without any second thoughts, because it is a one-time investment that can fetch you lots of returns in the long run. Italian leather is the most expensive leather type in the world, because it is 100% natural. It is highly recommended that you stay alert and observe your handbags carefully before paying for them because you don’t want to pay a bomb for a fake product and regret your decision later.

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