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Which Is the Right Handbag for You

By Shalini M

Which Is the Right Handbag for You: When you are choosing clothes or fashion accessories, it is very important to choose designs that make you look good. Handbags, especially, can create or destroy your fashion style. These are not just bags that help you carry your essential belongings, but also accessories that help you look good. Regardless of your body shape, the right handbags will help you move around with a lot of ease and self-confidence.

Here, we will give you some tips on how you have to choose your handbag depending on the shape of your body. The idea is to choose a bag that highlights your features.

Small & petite body shape

If you have a very small and petite body shape, you should have to choose a handbag that doesn’t make you smaller than you already are. A big and broad handbag may be beautiful, but we are sorry to tell you that it wouldn’t suit your body shape. Choose a small or medium-sized handbag with short straps. Also, a narrow handbag with an elongated body is a good choice, as it will make you look slightly taller than your actual frame.

Tall body shape

If you have a very tall and thin body shape, you should choose your handbags carefully. It is important to strike a balance between the small and big sized bags, because they will make you look lankier than your original shape. Choose bags that are medium-sized with long straps as they will highlight your features.

Hourglass figure

If you are naturally blessed with an hourglass figure and a slender waist, you should opt for bags that highlight your curves and beautiful figure. Opt for totes or handbags that you can swing freely around your waistline or just below your hips. This way, you will not only be able to make a fashion statement with your stylish totes, but you will also make your waist look more prominent than before.

Pear-shaped figure

Women with additional weight in the lower part of their body have pear-shaped bodies. If you are one of them, ensure that you don’t leave your handbags lying around your hips/ waist. This is because when you do so, you are unnecessarily focusing on the very areas that you want to conceal. Short handbags that end well above your hips are a good choice in this case.

Apple-shaped figure

If your bust is broader than the other parts of your body, it means you have an apple-shaped body. In this case, you have to choose handbags that don’t highlight your bust. Choose big handbags with long straps that end at your hips or lower than your hips, so that the focus is on your huge bags and not on your bust.

Rectangle-shaped figure

When your waist, shoulders and hipline are similar in terms of weight, you have a rectangle-shaped body. The best way to hold your handbag is to carry it in the crook of your elbow so that your body appears curvier than what it already is. You can also hold your bags in such a way that they hang by your waist or slightly below.


As you can see from the above, choosing the right size and style of handbag can help you carry off your features in style and elegance.

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